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Diane M. Hogan,
Shamanic Practitioner
Past Life Regression
Energy Healing Sessions

"You got to feel to heal"

Regression Healing Sessions $90 per hour, minimum 2 hour sessions

by phone or in-person

Regression Energy Healing Sessions Include:
Past Life Regression,
Chakra Clearing,
Guided Meditation,
Angel Healing,
Aura Clearing,
Karma Balancing,
Cord Cutting,
Crystal healing,
Oracle Card

Are you been feeling anxious and depressed?
Wondering why you always seem to be butting heads with certain people?
Can't seem to catch a break?

I can help you address what's bugging you and make it go away.
As a result a my healing sessions,
you will feel a sense of relief and self-empowerment.
Shake off the anxiety and frustration.
You will experience an energetic shift in your life for the better.
Learn to forgive and take back you power at the same time.
When you change, your world around you changes.

We address and clear negative situations and energy from your past with:
Recurring themes, negative behaviors, relationship issues, fears, phobias,
victimization traumas leading to PTSD, and illness.

During your session, we fact find to identify your issues then
use guided meditation and Past Life Regression hypnosis techniques,
starting in this life, to bring you back in time to address what we discussed.
You have an opportunity to see the events for what it is and heal.
You are consciously aware and explaining what you are seeing, feeling,
and experiencing during your healing session.

  Once we address the problems, then I assist you with
healing techniques to help you remove the energy
as you take back your lost power.

 I will help you learn life lessons as you karmically balance
the energy with souls from this lifetime and other incarnations.
You will only envision what your spirit can handle and ready to heal.
I help you understand what happened through compassion, forgiveness, and love.

Your healing is done with the assistance of
guardian angels, spirit guides, passed loved one,
Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha,
Gods & Goddesses and our Creator energies.
My sessions are non-denominational
and last for a minimum 2+ hours to maximum 5 hours

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