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November 2017

Hi loyal newsletter readers,

I have some news about my company, Intuitive $ Cents, LLC.  I will be shutting down my company due to my move to NC.

My LLC is incorporated in the state of NJ and I was working from home as a home business.  Since I recently sold my home, which was my physical business location, I have to close my LLC down.  However, this is a blessing in disguise as this situation is giving me an opportunity for a clean break from NJ and fresh start here in NC.

I have been thinking about changing my business platform more towards holistic healing as the financial offerings were not a hit, not to mention very time consuming to keep current.  The holistic healing business is not only getting all my attention, but also from my clients who are ready for this form of inner work.  It stands to reason to make some big changes once I reestablish my new business in the future.

That being said, I will be letting go of Intuitive $ Cents, LLC in the coming days and weeks as I go through the process of figuring out how to bring this business venture to a close.

I established my company in November 2010 and have gone through an enormous transformation in order to do the holistic healing work I offer.  Who knew the Cents part of Intuitive Cents would be the least likely to succeed and the Intuitive healing part would be the biggest draw.

So, let me say a fond farewell to all of you loyal readers out there as I am going to make this my last newsletter for now.  Its been my pleasure serving you and hope you got some value out of the information I have shared with you, believe it or not.

I will continue to have my email ( available if you wish to reach me for now.

Thank you again for signing up for my newsletter and to my clients who made it all possible to keep my business alive for 7 years.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays as the end of 2017 is closing in fast.  All the best to you and yours.

With Blessings and Gratitude,

Diane Hogan



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