Regression Healing Sessions
I am a Shamanic practitioner using emotional spiritual energy healing techniques such as Past Life Regression (PLR) and Forward Life Progression trained by Dr. Brian Weiss (Psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and best selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters), Angel Healing, Usui Reiki, Native American traditions, and Guided Meditation to help you visualize past, present, and future.  I offer a unique holistic healing experience that is different from anything you may have encountered in the past.  Guaranteed or your money back!

I am spiritually guided to support you through your healing session to help you understand what is on your mind, get clarity using yours senses, learn life lessons needed to heal, and help you get rid of negative experiences and the energy you took on along the way. 

I assist you to take back your power that was lost with a transference of energy from one person to another.  You will uncover emotional blocks from recurring themes of fears, phobias, relationship issues, and ailments, which leads to anxiety, resentment, anger, lack of concentration, pain, and depression. 

I help you go back in time to envision, through hypnotic guided meditation and various spiritual healing techniques, what has a hold on you as I take you to the root of recurring themes and situations that are not working for you anymore. 

And if appropriate, I can also assist you, through hypnotic guided meditation, to go forward in time for those who have questions about their future. 

I will also help you connect with loved ones who have passed over and who are assisting you from the other side as well as your Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides.

When you are ready for what you wish to discover, you will get what you are asking for, but only what you can handle.  You will see your truths so you can face what you need to address, let it go, and move on.  There are spiritual tools I use to support your journey to get rid of unwanted energy so you can heal. 

As a result of doing this deep inner work, you give yourself the gift of clarity from a higher source, understand the bigger picture, learn life lessons needed to be learned, and let go of what's not serving you anymore. 

Ultimately you take back lost power from others as you empower yourself.  You will feel better as you lighten your spiritual load while gaining self-respect and self-love while you learn balance karma with those around you.  You create a more loving, understanding, and harmonious peaceful life path.

To summarize your healing session:
- Gives you an opportunity to discover and remove energy that's not serving you anymore;
- Balance karma with people, friends, and family in your life;
- Connect and communicate with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels supporting you;
- Allows you to envision past, and present situations that you are ready to heal;
- Helps you hone in and focus on the areas that need your attention to gain clarity and healing:
- We take each situation one at a time tailoring each session to your needs.

Disclaimer:  You must be 18 years or old to participate in private healing sessions or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Regression Healing Sessions available by phone, or Skype

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